Project information:

Sociocritical, angry, crazy! Metal from the forest!

Grummelgnom is a sociocritical, crazy, silly to provocative metal solo project from...the forest!

Deep in the dense woods, in the green kingdom of nature there lives Grummelgnom together with his only friends, the animals of the forest. While he heartbreakingly sings, laments and furiously spreads his wisdom and also plays the guitar...tries to...the little deer rocks around on the guitar too, the rabbit beats wildly on the drums and the owl pulses on the bass.

Grummelgnom would be actually dear and peaceful. Unfortunately, people destroy nature and thus also the forest, pollute the air, fill up streams and lakes, serve capitalism as slaves, allow themselves to be steered instead of thinking for themsleves, and spread stupidity, violence and destruction.

Grummelgnom cannot watch silently, but he rages and defends himself! Together with the animals! Forever!

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The project was founded in 2004. Only with vocals, a guitar and a cheap-sounding drum computer five songs were combined as "Waldwut in five acts" ("Waldwut = "Wrath of the Woods"). A bad sound was deliberately chosen, and mistakes on the guitar were kept on purpose to counteract today's perfection mania.

Over the years, one song was released every year (2005-2009). After a long break the song "Kritische Kunst" ("Critical Art") was released at the end of 2016.

Songs for a full album were finished years ago and are still waiting to be recorded. The upcoming album will contain new versions of already released songs as well as completely new ones. While the first songs were more crazy and musically primitive, the new ones focus on a more serious and less silly message. In addition, the music is also better and less simple.

Top-secret information:

Who is Grumpelgnom? You can't say that exactly because hardly anyone has seen him yet. He lives deep in the forest and even deeper. Sooo very deep in the forest alone with his only friends, the rabbit, the little deer and the owl. He loves the quiet of the forest, the songs of the oaks, the rustling of the leaves, green nature, flora and fauna. So he happily sits in the moss, sniffs flowers, plays with the animals and is peaceful, friendly and kind. Would be... WOULD!

Because the forest is in danger, nature is threatened and destroyed...and this makes Grummelgnom wild, it sets his RAGE free, and he becomes angry and fierce! Society...he does not like...people that hate, cheat, exploit, drive in stinky even stinkier factories...let their souls be eaten up by greed and have dedicated their puny asses to capitalism...such people...he does not like!

Therefore, he wants to and will falsify everything as he often says. So that everything is falsified! Yes...but what does this mean? To falsify something means to disprove it "by counterexample, observation or experiment". With that in mind, Grummelgnom works on his special experiment, observes the world around him and wants to disprove the justification, necessity and correctness of horrible things, like for example the idiocy of the masses, capitalism and the exploitation of nature. Furthermore, in classical propositional logic, "falsification is the assignment of the truth value FALSE to a statement within the framework of the principle of bivalence" and, in Boolean algebra, states that something is true or not, where 0 is interpreted as false and 1 as true. Now, if the existence of the deforestation of the rainforest has the value 1 (so it exists), one must FALSIFY it so that it no longer exists!

Grummelgnom loves peace and would be good at heart, but at the same time mankind destroys itself and also his forest. Therefore, he wants to summon the apocalypse so that all the madness on this planet finally comes to an end...but at the same time Grummelgnom is nice and the apocalypse must be nice and friendly too. Or it should simply rain knowledge, education, sustainability and empathy from the sky! long as there is Grummelgnom, he will rage against this madness and defend himself FOREVER, which is something he swears. His time will come, and then all evil will be FALSIFIED!


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